Born in Denver, Colorado to an architect father and sculptor mother. He attended college in California, earning his bachelor's degree from Santa Clara University. Graduate study brought him to Louisiana where he achieved his MFA at the University of New Orleans. The artist currently lives, teaches and makes artwork in New Orleans with his girlfriend and his large cat.

artist statement

My art is a means for investigating the passage of time, the decay of physical things, and the truth of mortality. I explore these concepts through process-oriented artworks that emphasize ritual and material. The process is communicated with the creation of relics, often existing as works on paper, photographs or the remains of degenerated sculptures. These relics bear witness to the process. I focus on themes of temporal change and death because they remain central to our metaphysical and physical existence. I see a diminished reverence for the power of death in our culture. Through my work I aim to pay homage to death while offering viewers an experience of being “present”, aware of our existence in time and mindful of life’s temporal nature. My intention is to evoke a recognition of mortality giving rise to feelings of gratitude and humility.